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Very pleased to received fans thousands of questions,greetings and messages on ask me question platform really appreciates the Love all you shown for *EYE TO EYE* song.

Q/A session 1 video subsequently decided to frequently keep in touch with all my fans hence introduced a new added 'Q/A Fans' section in my newest colorfully websites through this segment on weekly basis will reply fans questions answers systematically.

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Q: Dude you're an amazing singer. Die hard Fan here. Awesome hair btw?
A: Appreciates your admire

Q: Your song made my day !
A: Appreciates.

Q: Agar koi banda kisi larki ko 7 sal say pyar karta hou aur woh agar phir bhi lift na karaye tou kya kia jaye , aur kabhi kisi aur larki ko pasand na karay?‎
A: Kisi Nay Apni Muhabat Kay Liye Bina Mile Or Baat Kiye 24 Saal Intezar Kiya,
Kyunki Pyar Sacha Sirf Aik Bar Zindagi Mei Huta Hai,
Ap Ki Muhabat Agar Sachi Hai Tu Chahat Zaroor Milegi.

Q: Forget haters my friend, I tell you, you are the best thing that happened to music so far. ?
A: Appreciates your admire.

Q: When will you marry? Are u in any relationship??
A: Remember * Keep Your Love In the Soul Make Love With EYE TO EYE *.

Q: Are you single?
A: Remember * Without You I'm Like a Butterfly Without Flower *

Q: We love you Taher Shah ?
A: I love you All My Fans

Q: What is the best life lesson you have learnt ?‎
A: Respect to your elders and always respect to all being human beings

Q: I love you. You are so sweet and cute. Better than any other famous person in the whole world ?
A: Appreciated :)

Q: Hi Mr Tahir, im a fan of your work contrary to societal views I find your song pretty original which is respectable. My question is have you ever considered visiting foreign nations to attract a fan base, I am sure people would actually pay to see you perform so do you have any plans of expanding?
A: Having to many offers from around the world, IN SHA ALLAH you will see me in various concerts, domestic and internationally.

Q: Did you ever imagine your song would receive so much popularity ?
A: Very Positively, Yes i knew it will become huge hit because i believe freshness of love remain always live in people's heart through EYE TO EYE

Q: Greetings Mr Shah, your song "EYE TO EYE" has a great rhythm and I liked it very much. Was your song written for someone significant or just for hobby?
A: It Belongs to true love remain true love.

Q: Please tell us the story of how you found your musical talent.?
A: My passion make me passionate singer..

Q: Taher, what are your hobbies ?
A: Reading Books

Q: Hi Taher I was wondering if you are going to release any more songs, eye to eye is great, but you should release a brand new one. ?
A: Appreciate your admiration, quality work required a little time.