*EYE TO EYE* Song Wins Prestige Music Award

Pakistan worldwide famous *EYE TO EYE* Song Wins the competition year 2014 honor of 'Prestige Music Award' USA.

As first Pakistani Wins the Prestige award of America for competition technical category 'Lyrics' Winner Song bronze honor with Prestige award statuette for my beloved country Pakistan.As Promised introduced my country to world through nation lovable *EYE TO EYE* Song and my all World Records, rewards,achievements include this 'Prestige' Music Award is also a gift for proud nation of Pakistan.*MY WORLDWIDE FANS ARE MY REAL SOUL* as they appreciates,admires,my creative inventive work and its proved the epic success as my written song *EYE TO EYE* debut music video received so many rewards just because of fans true love towards for my work hence the song entire rewards belongs to all fans as its their success always feels great that *MY FANS ARE MY REAL SOUL*

Since EYE TO EYE Song was released in April 2013 its famous worldwide journey completes 23rd months at this commemorate greatest 23rd March 'Pakistan Resolution Day' With very humbly dedicates Winner Prestige Award to my beloved Pakistan on 23rd March as my country is my Proud Happy Pakistan Day with Nation Gift.

With Love.